Samsung offers 400GB ATA drives

Samsung Electronics has introduced its largest format hard drives to date, the new 400GB SpinPoint T133 series, for the small businesses, enterprises and home user market.

Samsung said its latest high-capacity drives are ideal for limitless amounts of digital media, including movies and music, while offering fast and reliable data transmission.

Using 133GB per platter technology, the new HD400LJ and HD400LD drives are said to be suitable for applications ranging from the enterprise to external storage to network attached storage.

The SpinPoint T133 series, including the parallel ATA HD400LD and the Serial ATA with 3.0Gb/s HD400LJ, are suitable for both enterprise and home applications. For businesses with demanding data back up applications, the HD400LJ features serial ATA technology with 3.0Gb/s I/O transaction capabilities, Serial ATA Native Command Queuing, Device Initiated SATA Power Management, Staggered Spin-up Support and an optional ATA Streaming Feature Set.

The Parallel ATA HD400LD features an Ultra ATA-133 Interface, Fluid Dynamic Bearing Spindle Motor Technology, ATA Security Mode, ATA host Protected Area, and an ATA Streaming Feature. With the increased storage capacity and transfer rate, users will notice the faster speed of their PC.

Both drives feature high-speed dual digital signal processor (DSP), ATA S.M.A.R.T. compliance, ATA Automatic Acoustic Management and ATA Streaming. All are equipped with a 7200-rpm spindle speed, and 8.9ms average seek time and an optional 16MB cache buffer.

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