Root6 Technology heads for North America

Root6's ContentAgent media delivery application

Root6 Technology has recently appointed three re-sellers in North America for its ContentAgent media delivery product. VCA Fusion in New York and Mpro Systems in Los Angeles join Toronto’s Acura to promote the capture, encode and delivery system launched at IBC last year.

With ContentAgent, media files may be imported from any source and exported to any destination including SMB network shares; FTP sites and asset management systems; and Compact Flash, SD, Memorystick, CD-ROM and DVD.

Multiformat compilations for SDI playout are achieved and custom tools are provided for the creation of titles, graphics and slates with a simple trimming tool for removing clocks. Typically, a 50Mb/s I-frame MPEG-2 distribution master can be created alongside a DVD for viewing by the program producer. The integral DVD burner enables the automatic creation of DVDs from playlists, complete with media icons and navigation chapter points.

ContentAgent offers a controlled and secure environment with embedded hardware platform, designed for machine room installation with an optional touch-screen.

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