Roger Nichols Digital launches plug-in series

Legendary Grammy-winning recordist Roger Nichols has launched Roger Nichols Digital (RND), a company dedicated to translating his decades of experience into plug-ins for DAW users. The new plug-ins were demonstrated at the recent Summer NAMM Show in Austin and are available as evaluation copies from the firm’s Web site. Users need a registered iLok USB Smart Key. All products are offered with RTAS, VST, AU for Mac OS and RTAS, VST for Windows

RND products include the Dynam-izer, which promises the ability to break audio levels up into zones so they can be controlled exactly as required. A product billed as the "Swiss Army Knife of Equalizers," the RND Uniquel-izer is a tool that allows users determine their ideal EQ, with additional bands or filters never more than a click away. The Frequal-izer is described as a surgically accurate mastering EQ and lets users build a complex FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter to their own specifications. EQ curves can also be drawn and edited. The RND Finis plug-in is a peak limiter that controls dynamics and employ advanced limiting algorithms. Finally, Inspector XL is a collection of six individual audio analysis tools designed to fulfill a number of familiar analysis tasks.

The Inspector is a free, compact and powerful analysis tool that offers everything from spectral analysis to extensive peak/RMS metering and a balance meter.

Roger Nichols has been designing DSP software for his personal use since 1981. These powerful devices have been used to great effect on albums and mastering projects with such artists as Steely Dan, Al DiMeola and Bela Fleck. The firm’s initial five DAW plug-ins have been co-developed by Roger Nichols Digital and Elemental Audio, combining EA's audio software development expertise with Roger Nichols' engineering and production experience. All the new plug-ins are being developed for use with Digidesign Pro Tools TDM systems and Apple Intel Duo Core Macs.

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