Red Bee Media opens French office

Red Bee Media announced the opening of a new French office at the UNISDA conference in Paris. UNISDA is a lobby group for the deaf and hearing impaired in France; the event was part of Subtitling Week.

The office will help broadcasters meet targets set by the French government to subtitle 100 percent of TV programs by 2010. The theme of the one-day conference is deaf and hearing-impaired people’s access to television, cinema, DVDs and advertising.

Red Bee Media has pioneered a technique to produce high and complicated levels of subtitles cost effectively. It can produce live subtitles with just a two- to four-second time delay. The French office will also be providing audio description services to help broadcasters reach blind and sight impaired audiences, signing services for the deaf and hearing impaired and English-language subtitles for videos and DVDs.

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