Red Bee collaborates with AMD on search tool

UK playout center Red Bee Media has announced its Sherpa navigation tool will be available on select AMD-powered PCs and small form factor devices.

Sherpa is an end-to-end content management service for platform and content owners. It is designed to provide a powerful entry point for customers to access content across broadband, mobile, IPTV and Windows Media Centre platforms. Sherpa links an interactive program guide with a search function, providing users with a simple way to find the content they want to enjoy. Users can explore via any number of TV-Anytime categories, including channel, genre, title, studio, director, actor or even plot. Users can listen to, read, play or share visual, audio or textual content and build their own libraries and playlists.

Red Bee Media also intends to collaborate with AMD on the development of applications to support new advertising models to help enable content owners to increase their return on investment. Building on the Sherpa navigation tool, AMD and Red Bee Media plan to develop enhanced advertising applications, enabling delivery of relevant advertising to individual consumers.

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