Quicklink releases free IFB app from iTunes store

Quicklink has unveiled IFB Talkback, a new, free downloadable app from the iTunes store (opens in new tab) for the Apple iPhone 3GS and above as well as the iPod Touch and iPad.

The Quicklink IFB app allows journalists to be more flexible and mobile in the field. With its easy interface 

and touch-screen options, users can connect to their Quicklink Server for single Talkback.

The company is also making available for purchase additional software, IFB server, which guarantees 12 extra channels of talkback.

The app offers simple selection by a button press of Anchor/IFB Audio, allowing journalists to negotiate between multiple accounts. A low 300ms delay with 1 channel AAC-HE, or AAC-LC from 12kb/s to 56kb/s is supported for Quicklink Multi IFB server.