Prompter People unveils new 24in widescreen prompter

The new Widescreen Teleprompter from Prompter People offers through-the-glass teleprompting with a 24in 1080p LCD monitor.

With room for two or more readers, this 16:9 LCD engulfs presenters in a panoramic view for a visually immersive prompting experience. The teleprompter comes with HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs.

When used with Prompter People's Reversing Module, the Flex version of the 24in Widescreen Teleprompter lets users capture a clean and professional presentation from software, such as KeyNote or PowerPoint, while also allowing them to see their presentation slides without taking their eyes off the camera.

The new teleprompter also can be used as a confidence monitor for talent. When used with an HDMI-enabled camera, it can also serve as a full production monitor. The 24in Widescreen Teleprompter is available as both Flex and ProLine versions.