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Pebble Beach busy with expansion orders for exisiting systems

Pebble Beach has announced a number of on-going expansion projects at existing customer sites. These include Telebärn in Switzerland, NTN in the Ukraine, AZ Media in Germany, CNBC Europe in the UK and RR Satellite Communications in Israel.

AZ Media in Cologne, Germany, has recently expanded its playout center to accommodate the launch of the channel.

In Switzerland, Telebärn has upgraded its Anemone system by adding a Pinnacle Vortex video server with four ports (two in and two out), which is now used to transmit its News channel.

In London, CNBC Europe continues its expansion plans to support new channels. The upgrade adds two additional playlists, three Omneon video server ports and a Pixel Power Clarity CG to the system. A Quantum 2500 provides near-online storage. Pebble Beach’s archive control software manages the movement of material to and from the archive.

NTN, in Ukraine, has upgraded its entry-level Anemone automation system into a full multi-channel Neptune system. The new Neptune system has five playlists and controls a total of seven video server ports, divided across Pinnacle’s Vortex and Thunder video servers. The Neptune system also controls a Ross Video switcher, a Sony VTR, a Pro-Bel router and a Pinnacle Deko CG.

RR Satellite Communications’ in Israel continues to expand. The RR Sat system began three years ago as a simple Anemone system transmitting only three channels. It has expanded to 50 transmission channels under Pebble Beach’s automation, and there are plans for further expansion before the end of the year.

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