Oscar-nominated sound mixers agree on Zaxcom

Zaxcom's Deva is the hard disc recorder behind three of the five films being considered for 2007 Academy Awards for achievement in sound mixing. Sound mixers Ivan Sharrock ("Blood Diamond"), Willie Burton ("Dreamgirls") and Walt Martin ("Flags of Our Fathers”), all Deva users, are being considered for the Oscar.

The Zaxcom Deva, available as the eight-track Deva IV and 10-track Deva V, provides 24-bit multidisk, multiformat location recording with backup to DVD. The ability to background record multiple disks throughout the day saves production time by allowing users to record all disk copies required by post at the same time as the original recordings. Production staffers can immediately reference previous recordings on set, reducing potential disputes with post and providing extra copies of recorded audio in the case of lost, damaged or stolen material. Both the Deva IV and V feature 16 channels of audio mixing and a 10-second record buffer, as well as Firewire disk recording.

Winners of the 2007 Academy Awards will be announced Feb. 25 at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. Results were unavailable at press time.

For more information, visit www.zaxcom.com.