Orad to present extended array of sport products at IBC

New from Orad is ADVision, an application geared to turn any sports event into an advertising media platform. It gives rights holders, broadcasters and program producers the chance to generate new revenue streams.

Based on image analysis camera tracking technology, ADVision allows real-time insertion of virtual advertisements onto any type of sporting event, eliminating the need for camera sensors, and can be implemented by broadcasters either on the uplink or downlink signals. The inserted virtual ad remains tied to its field position regardless of camera motion.

Also new at IBC is the CyberSport system for key event analysis. With CyberSport, it is possible to mark the key field events that take place during the game. For example, it is possible to mark the exact position of every shot that was taken on goal, mark the trajectory of the shot and associate a player to that shot. Then, upon request, it is possible to call for all the shots of a certain player or team and see the pattern of the shots.

Complimenting Orad's range of sports products is the TrackVision football enhancement tool. During live operation, TrackVision can draw a 9m distance indicator for free kick events, as well as precisely measure and display the distance to goal. While working in replay mode, TrackVision offers the unique capability of overlaying dynamic offside lines.

For more information, see www.orad.tv.