On Stage Audio introduces FOX TV’s fall line-up with JBL VerTec line arrays

Demonstrating the interoperability of JBL Professional loudspeaker lines, On Stage Audio (OSA) recently provided the audio system for the FOX Broadcasting Company’s annual Upfront presentation at the Armory in New York City. The event, during which FOX introduced its fall 2006 programming schedule to a crowd of 4,000 potential advertisers, featured appearances by major stars like Kiefer Sutherland, Simon Cowell, Hugh Laurie and Carrie Underwood.

The system provided by OSA included various models from JBL’s VerTec series, using VT4889 full-size speakers as the two primary line arrays, augmenting them with 18 VT4888 midsize line array boxes arranged in three clusters as delay fills. Completing the front-of-house system were six VT4887 compact line array elements hung in a center cluster, with 16 VT4882 midsize subwoofers providing low-frequency sound reinforcement. Handling front of house audio duties was Paul Deuschle, director for OSA’s Orlando, FL, office.

According to Deuschle, the advantages of VerTec arrays extend beyond audio quality. The system’s light weight, easy of set-up and high degree of control enabled fast set-up contributed to smooth rehearsals, which in turn are critical to impressing clients with the network’s ability to stage strong programming.

Supplementing the primary VerTec system were six VRX932LA compact portable line array loudspeakers, used as front fill on top of the subwoofers, and 12 SRX712M loudspeakers serving as stage monitors. Despite the wide variety of JBL speakers deployed, Deuschle knows from personal experience that the common foundation of the VerTec, VRX, and SRX product lines ensures compatible audio signatures when used together.

For more information, please visit www.osacorp.com and www.jblpro.com.