Nucomm Newscaster DR offers diversity reception for HD, SD COFDM use

The Nucomm Newscaster DR digital COFDM diversity HD/SD receiver, designed for portable and mobile video applications, offers DVB-T compliance at 6MHz, 7MHz and 8MHz channels.

It also provides variable IF bandwidth from 4MHz to 16MHz in the 1.99GHz to 2.7GHz and from 4MHz to 24MHz in the 6.4-7.1 bands.

For critical receive applications in a challenging environment, the Newscaster DR offers optional dual or quad-diversity demodulators. The system employs maximal ratio combining, which improves the robustness of a digital microwave link, particularly when using higher orders of modulation such as 64QAM for increased data capacity (up to 30 Mb/s). Greater data rates enable improved video quality.

In addition, spatial diversity increases the system performance by digitally combining signals with different characteristics. In this way, path reliability is improved by filling in gaps within the channel. The Newscaster DR diversity receiver uses maximum ratio combining of its four antenna inputs. If more than four antennas are required to cover any particular event, ASI inputs to each receiver can be cascaded to double or triple the number of antennas used.

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