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Nextamp launches automated DVD protection solution

Nextamp NextScreener.

IMT and NEXTAMP unveil a new content protection solution for movie screeners. The solution combines NEXTAMP video watermarking technology and IMT duplication robot as a turnkey automated system to generate hundreds of unique DVDs. The solution is relying on invisible video watermarking of individual copies — acting as a fingerprint of the recipient — hence dissuading recipients from illicitly reusing content.

Movie screeners are distributed prior to the theatrical or DVD release, for promotion, electronic press kits or awards. They represent a major risk in terms of content piracy. A unique watermark data is embedded in the essence of the images for each DVD. This invisible stamp is robust to compression and resolution changes and can be retrieved from pirate samples (e.g. a DivX type file on the Internet or a black market DVD). Individual watermarking ensures traceability of each DVD screener copy for forensic tracking.

The NexScreener system automatically performs watermark embedding, DVD-R burning and label inkjet printing. The printed label includes a serial number to facilitate shipment to known recipients. The system is scalable and the operation is fully automated and highly reliable, with burnproof management and DVD verification for each copy. Identification of individual copies allows the rights owner to trace counterfeit editions back to the source of leakage.

The content security system by NEXTAMP is complemented with NexInvestigator which offers sophisticated video pre-processing capabilities for the investigation of resized, converted, recompressed and geometrically distorted pirate samples.

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