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New system promises to make viewer video interaction easy

A European mobile media company has demonstrated a way for television viewers to instantly make a video call from 3G mobile phones to a television program and participate in the show with live video images.

IceMobile conducted the demonstration last month in Amsterdam for a group of international broadcasters at IBC2005. With its VideoCall2TV system, viewers can broadcast live video from their mobile phones to a television station to participate with live, spontaneous footage.

Although the company has built features into VideoCall2TV that make it attractive for use in game-type shows, the system or one like it may one day find its way into newsgathering applications, given the growing recognition that citizen journalists can provide valuable images of breaking news events.

The VideoCall2TV technology works from any 3G device and on any 3G network. It includes the content management, monitoring and on-screen display solutions to integrate user-generated, live video content directly into a show.

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