New GPON architecture provides efficient path to network upgrade

Fujitsu Network Communications has announced a new Hybrid Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON) architecture that allows current GPON networks to be easily upgraded to provide higher bandwidth in the future, without billion dollar overbuilds or upgrades.

The Fujitsu Hybrid GPON architecture allows capacity upgrades without requiring changes to previously deployed GPON Optical Network Terminals (ONTs). Most of the cost of a PON architecture is in residential ONTs. Associated installation and labor costs and substantial savings are produced by eliminating the requirement to upgrade the ONTs.

Current PON deployments rely on BPON technology that provides 622Mb/s of bandwidth toward subscribers and 155Mb/s of bandwidth from subscribers. The newer GPON technology supports 2.488Gb/s downstream and 1.244Gb/s upstream, allowing for residential speeds of up to 75Mb/s per home. Many service providers are projecting the need for this bandwidth to support their IPTV services, VOD and HDTV programming.

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