New Agama cable TV probe delivers deep analysis, high capacity

Agama Technologies has launched Analyzer OMNIA, a new DVB-C monitoring probe with high density and parallel capacity.

The new space- and cost-efficient product range will mean no more blind spots for cable operators, as it provides complete transparency of the delivered quality by monitoring up to 48 multiplexes and all individual services in real-time with complete TS analysis and full TR290 parameter set.

Analyzer OMNIA offers a combination of analysis depth and capacity. The system offers a magnitude higher density of simultaneously monitored muxes. It also removes the need of compromising on the monitoring level, as it allows for full real-time monitoring, including all TR290 Prio 1-3 parameters for every individual service.

OMNIA is optimized for use in cable operators' head-ends, local offices or edge QAM sites, and it is available in different versions ranging from 12- up to 48-input configurations for 1U and 2U server packaging.