Modulus Video ships compact HD/SD switchable MPEG-4 AVC encoder

Modulus Video has begun shipping all configurations of its ME2000 family of MPEG-4 AVC video encoders.

The compact 1RU encoding platform can be easily switched between HD and SD video. The ME2000 offers more than 25 percent reduction in bit rates while significantly enhancing video quality.

The ME2000 platform shares features of the Modulus Video ME6000 HD IPTV encoding system, including:

  • support for full resolution 1080i and 720p;
  • low-resolution proxy for program guide, monitoring and Microsoft TV Picture in Picture (PIP);
  • support for ad insertion triggers to streamline revenue generating operations;
  • interoperability with leading system management tools; and
  • support for 60Hz and 50Hz applications.

Three configurations are available, including: the ME2600 multiformat AVC encoder, which provides operators high-definition or standard-definition encoding consuming sub-100W of power; the ME2100 standard-definition AVC encoder with motion-compensated noise reduction, which is upgradeable to HD; and the ME2020 standard-definition AVC encoder, which can be upgraded with compensated noise reduction. ASI options are available for all systems.

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