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Mediaset installs TSL Tallyman for new control room

Elettronica Industriale, a division of Mediaset in Milan, Italy, has purchased and installed a TallyMan system from TSL.

Elettronica Industriale handles key services for Mediaset, including the provision of control rooms and transmission services. The TallyMan system was deployed earlier this year in the construction and launch of a new large control room based in Rome.

The system is being used to interface between an Evertz MVP multiviewer and signal processing system, and routing technology supplied by Leitch. TallyMan allows the technologies involved to interface seamlessly.

TallyMan is TSL’s latest tally and UMD control system. TallyMan enables the user to interface any third party hardware such as routers, vision mixers, multiviewers and alarm systems and allows easy reconfiguration of the tally and UMD system as required.

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