LiveU unveils its portfolio of live video products

LiveU has expanded its live video portfolio to offer customers a complete, end-to-end transmission system, adding laptop and mobile apps to its flagship LU70 backpack and handheld LU40 uplink solutions. At the same time, LiveU unveiled LiveU Total, its unified management platform. The platform enables control rooms to manage multiple video feeds from LiveU units operating in different locations.

The LU-Smart mobile app solution brings bonded transmission to mobile phones and tablets, increasing overall bandwidth by combining Wi-Fi and cellular networks to reach optimal video quality. For example, operators can combine cellular and Wi-Fi to support connection to an external Mi-Fi, enabling the bonding of two cellular connections in a single smartphone. In this way, users can bond the phone’s internal 4G with external 4G for a fast uplink.

The LU-Lite solution offers fast, reliable and high-quality cellular-bonded transmission via the laptop, using multiple modems. This solution serves a wide variety of applications and workflows in the field, including live transmission, editing, file transfer, and store and forward, as well as live interviews using the laptop webcam. 

Both LU-Smart and LU-Lite are incorporated into the LiveU ecosystem by the LiveU Total platform.

LiveU’s unified platform uses a single server and remote management dashboard to control all the devices from one place via the Web. Operators can easily combine different live feeds and switch between field-operated or studio-controlled transmission.