LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS gets backup facility

LEIGHTRONIX has introduced a new media and system backup software utility for the NEXUS, a specialized video server and TV automation system. The Total Backup program allows immediate and regularly scheduled backups of digital media and critical NEXUS system information. The Total Backup program allows users to easily secure NEXUS files and system data against loss. In a few mouse clicks, every user can create a fully redundant copy of all digital media and critical system information. Total Backup makes it just as simple to quickly restore the data on any or all of the USB external hard drives and the internal memory.

Total Backup will be included with the NEXUS beginning in November. Free software and firmware updates that will include the Total Backup utility will be provided to registered NEXUS users via the Internet for easy download from the LEIGHTRONIX FTP server.

For more information, visit www.leightronix.com.