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Las Vegas KLAS-TV turns to BitCentral

As the television industry prepares to descend on Las Vegas for NAB2007, the city's Landmark-owned CBS affiliate KLAS-TV is scheduled to go live with the BitCentral Precis News Production System.

The station is joining KTNV-TV as the second of four Las Vegas broadcasters to produce news with the Precis system. Precis, a non-proprietary, turnkey play-to-air digital news management system, is a file-based workflow solution that integrates with Avid iNews and the Associated Press' ENPS. The browser-based, scalable system delivers an integrated online archive with commodity storage for SD or HD video content.

In January, Journal-owned ABC affiliate KTNV-TV began using the system for SD video.

KLAS-TV is scheduled to go live with Precis shortly before NAB2007 as it begins shooting, editing, playing out and archiving HD video.

A third Las Vegas station, KVBC-TV, the Sunbelt-owned NBC affiliate, is scheduled to deploy Precis after NAB2007. Sunbelt already uses Precis as the hub of the nation's first HDV news workflow at KRNV-TV in Reno, NV.

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