KVBC commits to Infinity camcorder for HD ENG

KVBC, the Valley Broadcasting-owned station in Las Vegas, has expanded the production of its HD newscasts with an order for 18 Thomson Grass Valley Infinity Digital Media Camcorders.

The Infinity camcorders are being used as part of KVBC’s file-based news acquisition workflow, which includes REV PRO Removable Media, USB REV PRO Digital Media Drives and EDIUS nonlinear editing workstations.

The Infinity camcorder “brings an entirely new level of efficiency” to the station’s electronic newsgathering (ENG) workflow, said Richard Gacovino, chief operations photographer for KVBC.

On Aug. 11, 2007, KVBC began broadcasting its local news in HD, upconverting SD field footage. KVBC currently broadcasts six hours of live news coverage each weekday and five hours of live news coverage each weekend for a total of 35 hours of HD news each week.

The Infinity uses removable-storage disks and professional solid-state memory as the recording and playback media in the same device. It supports HD and SD video formats and standards and uses three Xensium-based CMOS 2/3in with a full 1920 x 1080 active-pixel matrix.

Valley Broadcasting is a subsidiary of Sunbelt Communications.

For more information, visit www.thomson.net.