Klotz Digital redesigns Vadis router line

As part of its redesign of the Vadis router family, Klotz Digital has announced the availability of the new Vadis 888 router and DSP engine. Like its smaller sibling, the Vadis 212, the new Vadis 888 features improved aesthetics, an enhanced front panel display to provide more information in a clearly arranged manner, and a fanless power supply for silent operation.

Vadis consists of a 4RU frame with 21 freely assignable slots for interface plug-in cards covering the most established analog and digital audio formats, allowing complex and universal applications where a large number of channels need to be routed, such as audio routers in the master control room of large broadcast facilities or as a PA system engine in sport stadiums, airports, hotels and other large public buildings. Depending on the types of Vadis standard cards inserted, the Vadis 888 can manage up to 256 x 256 I/O real time channels. Huge router systems with thousands of audio I/Os can be established by using the versatile DiAN fiber-optic interconnection network components.

To enhance the frame’s reliability, an internal watchdog monitors the system while the system status of the frame is indicated via LEDs on the front panel display. The last system status is stored automatically to make it easily available after powering off. A battery-buffered RAM also offers additional operational safety. An optional hot-swappable redundant power supply is available to ensure reliability and allow maintenance operations while the frame is in operation. The new frame is also available as Vadis 884, additionally equipped with a video sync module for audio for video applications, following the most established video sync formats and standards.

For more information, visit www.klotzdigital.com.