Klein + Hummel introduces new nearfield monitor at AES

Klein + Hummel will be introducing the O 300 triamplified three-way nearfield studio reference monitor at AES 2006 in San Francisco. The O 300 delivers the same fine quality of the famed O 300 D version, minus the digital input and control hardware. The resulting unit is extremely cost-effective yet without sonic compromise.

Like its more full-featured sibling, the O 300 delivers uncolored sound, precise bass response, picture-perfect dispersion patterns and a soundstage with remarkable image focus and depth. Its detail enables the mixing engineer to make critical judgments with confidence.

By utilizing a dense, new, extremely low-resonance material called LRIM, Klein + Hummel was able to mold the waveguides required for optimal dispersion directly into the baffle. The elliptical shape of the high-frequency horn narrows vertical dispersion and widens the effective horizontal sweet spot, giving the recording engineer greater freedom of movement in front of the console. Other benefits of the physical design include reduced comb filtering and improved phase coherency at crossover frequencies.

The O 300 uses a special 8in polypropylene cone woofer to deliver tight, articulate bass, while a fabric dome with 3in voice coil handles the midrange frequencies. A 1in elliptical titanium dome tweeter delivers the high frequencies. All three drivers are magnetically shielded, permitting placement of the speakers directly next to video monitors or computers.

Klein + Hummel is distributed by Sennheiser in the United Sates. An October shipping date is planned for the O 300, which will be on display at the upcoming AES show in booth 402.

For more information, please visit www.klein-hummel.com.