Kaltman Creations expands product offerings

Atlanta-based Kaltman Creations has expanded its exclusive North American distribution arrangement with Aaronia to include the balance of the German manufactures’ product line. Adding to the already extensive line of handheld RF spectrum analyzers and LOG periodic precision antennas, Kaltman Creations will now offer Aaronia’s line of low-frequency (EMI) handheld analyzers, bionical antennas and RF and EMI shielding fabrics.

To help facilitate the expansion, Kaltman Creations has created a new Web site, www.AaroniaUSA.com. Almost every product offered by Aaronia is posted with detailed product pages, application notes, technical specifications and the latest product firmware and software updates, brochures and manuals. The firm’s main Web site will continue to serve the need of the pro audio, IT and broadcast industries.

Mark Kaltman, president of Kaltman Creations said, “Our success with Aaronia’s line of handheld RF spectrum analyzers fueled the need to present the balance of the Aaronia product offering. Customers would return to us again and again inquiring about the ability to purchase other Aaronia products. It was clear that to be a full-service distributor, we simply had to oblige.”

Kaltman Creations offers full technical and warrantee support, performs product modifications for the North American marketplace and maintains an extensive inventory. The company has expanded the marketplace for Aaronia’s handheld RF analyzers beyond pro audio and broadcasting to include the military, industrial, communications and commercial segments.

For more information, visit www.kaltmancreationsllc.com and www.aaroniausa.com.