JustEdit shows new vsn modules

JustEdit showed an integrated, tapeless and MXF-compatible newsroom system at IBC2006. The main benefits include the seamless integration between news production and archive and between text and video content, as well as its MXF file compatibility with XDCAM and P2 formats.

Vsnwires is the new external agency feed module designed for journalists. The first version includes the automatic ingest of EFE, DYN, Telam, Atlas and the latest Reuters version. Vsnwires enables journalists to view the video feeds associated to each piece of content when available.

JustEdit also demonstrated vsnscenes, with direct pre-editing on XDCAM, using its proxy, and the automatic consolidation of the EDL and content transfer to the shared video servers. The latest vsnarchive version is also fully MXF compatible for ingest and copy to XDCAM and P2 media.

For more information, see www.vsn-tv.com.