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JCS adopts Axon for master control room

Axon Digital Design B.V. has received an order from Jerusalem Capital Studios, Israeli's largest production facility and post-production service provider, for the delivery of its Synapse modular signal processing equipment. The equipment, supplied through Axon's Israeli representatives Onset Systems Engineering has meanwhile been installed to upgrade the heart of their communication center in Tel-Aviv and will be used for the new news and production facilities' division.

The order involves different modules which all go into Axon's 4RU 18-module frame (SFR18). Products include the advanced SIM10, ASM10 and SAM10. The SIM10 checks the integrity of the SDI signal and generates a well-organized monitor output that shows all reported errors and indicates several metadata values as well as the audio levels.

The Synapse ASM10 and SAM10 complement each other, but also function independently. The ASM10 has analog video (composite, component or YC) and analog audio inputs where these signals are converted to SDI with embedded audio and separate AES/EBU signals. The SAM10 has SDI (embedded) and AES/EBU inputs converting these signals to analog video and analog audio.

As an extra feature the ASM10 has an SDI input that can be used when the analog video inputs are no longer required. This SDI input can handle and process embedded audio. The cards are ideal to digitize an analog tape machine to an SDI with embedded audio infrastructure.

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