Interactive viewers get instant visibility of top 10 DIRECTV programs

DIRECTV has launched What’s Hot!, an interactive application that allows viewers to access instantly a list of the top 10 most popular programs on DIRECTV in real time, any time of day or night. What’s Hot! is available on DIRECTV News Mix (Channel 102) and DIRECTV Sports Mix (Channel 104).

With the new service, DIRECTV customers can access a list of the most popular programming in their area, whether it be sports, news, movies, local channels or national programming. The instant results are aggregated from a universe of fellow DIRECTV customers, who are more than 15.4 million strong and counting.

In addition to providing a tool for viewers to see What’s Hot!, DIRECTV also use the anonymous information to determine which services are most popular to its customers in order to help make programming choices in the future.

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