Imagen Line embraces future with ScheduALL operations management software

Madrid-based Imagen Line, a leading Spanish production and post-production company, is implementing ScheduALL's production and operations management software. ScheduALL will provide a complete solution for automating and re-engineering key business processes driving Imagen Line's project management and booking, stock management library and invoicing.

Previously, the company was using internally developed software based on Microsoft Access and Excel to handle project planning, with a separate and disconnected system for invoicing. The new ScheduALL system will automate all aspects of an Imagen Line project from beginning to end, with a seamless workflow that carries the job from the planning stages to booking and scheduling of various production and post-production rooms, and then on to the administration department for final invoicing upon completion. At any stage in the job, project managers will be able to access a centralized view of all key project information to make decisions based on bookings, hours spent and costs incurred to date.

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