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Ikan releases new MS21 studio monitor

The all new MS21 from ikan is a native 1080p studio monitor with dual 3G-SDI inputs, waveform, vectorscope and RGB parade.

The MS21 monitor accepts two HD-SDI signals for checking color between cameras and easily switches between camera signals with the touch of a button on the front of the monitor. Further, each signal has it’s own loop-through port for sharing with your director, editor or colorist. With same color representation between two or more units, this monitor is perfect for cooperative, color correction.

The MS21 LCD panel is calibrated to reproduce precise colors, while offering selectable color temperatures. Color temperature is one-touch user-adjusted. With higher video processing, color temperatures and gamma correction are applied to reproduce precise colors and gradients without stepping.

Monitor luminance and color range with waveform and vectorscope. Built-in to the MS21 monitor, waveform and vectorscope allow you to monitor exact levels in each color channel. Getting it right in the shot saves you time in post.

The MS21 comes with a VESA mount on back for mounting on a stand, and can operate on 12V power when used in the field. You also get built-in speakers and a headphone jack for monitoring your audio.