Hosa Technology now shipping Da-Cappo micro-microphones

Hosa Technology has announced that the Da-Cappo DA12 single-ear microphone, the DA04 lavalier microphone and the DA11 “The Stick” microphone are now shipping. Using a water-resistant, European-designed 2.5mm omnidirectional capsule, the Da-Cappo mics deliver 20Hz–20kHz of frequency response, superb EMI (electromagnetic interference) protection and are impervious to perspiration or rain. Two identical capsules are available, with a 10dB difference in sensitivity rating to give broadcasters the option for extra headroom.

The DA12 single-ear microphone incorporates a radical new earpiece design that can be adjusted to suit smaller or larger ears and includes an adjustable boom length. The system package includes a full range of accessories. The DA04 lavalier microphone is available in both beige and black, with the same carbon Kevlar outer shield on the cable. Known as “The Stick,” the DA-11 also comes in black or beige and features a long stem that can be bent to fit bent to fit securely into wigs and costumes as required.

All Da-Cappo microphones come equipped with a choice of wireless adapters and accessories needed for a secure fit. Hosa Technology is the exclusive distributor in North and South America.

For more information, visit www.hosatech.com.