High Fidelity launches new HD services with Evertz

High Fidelity HDTV (HiFi), a Canadian specialty broadcaster has launched an upgraded facility based on Evertz’ file-based solutions which include Mediator, Evertz Media Servers, and OvertureRT LIVE for playout.

High Fidelity HDTV broadcasts four channels (Oasis HD, eqhd, HIFI, and radX) for worldwide distribution on satellite and cable services. HiFi also provides playout services for other channels such as Glassbox’s BiteTV and auxTV channels.

High Fidelity uses three EMS Media Ingest clients to ingest material with 140TB of central storage is executed by Evertz’ SuperNAS. For channel playout, HiFi has deployed fourteen OvertureRT LIVE systems to manage playout for the seven broadcast paths (primary and backup). The integral branding allows HiFi to create in-show promotions, data-driven graphics, and other branded looks.

HiFi is using Evertz Mediator software for content management. Standard workflows include bar code management of physical assets, ingest of tape and file-based material, quality control, integration with Avid for promotional material, transfer management of assets from central EMS storage to the OvertureRT LIVE, and use of Mediator Playtime automation for linear channel playout.