HHB goes with DK-Technologies metering

In recent months UK pro audio equipment specialist HHB has recommended the MDS600M++ to a number of clients, including London-based post-production facility Envy, which opened to great critical acclaim earlier this year. Envy has five audio post studios: two for preparation work and three for large-scale surround-sound mixing projects. The majority of its workload is television-based and includes dramas, documentaries and TV commercials.

With its proprietary JellyFish display, the MSD600++ is the flagship of DK-Technologies’ range of stereo and surround sound meters. It is a modular multichannel unit (up to 32 channels) and surround sound analyzer with extended CPU speed and memory, plus four user-configurable input and output slots. It is suitable for a range of applications including networking and HD/SDI de-embedding.

HHB has also recently supplied MSD600M++ meters to London-based M2 Television and Soundworks film dubbing studio in Cardiff.

For more information, please visit www.dk-technologies.net/products/product.php?type=MSD600M%2b%2b.