Hearst-Argyle turns to Harmonic for multicast solution

Hearst-Argyle Television is upgrading stations in its group with Harmonic's compression and service management systems. The systems will be used to upgrade stations for multicasting.

The system uses DiviCom standard and high definition encoders, and the DiviTrack statistical multiplexing solution, which maximizes the channel density while providing a broadcast-quality picture. NMX Digital Service Manager is being used to monitor service performance and to control and automate critical functions.

ATSC operators, like Hearst-Argyle, are now transitioning to second-generation multichannel and multiservice digital broadcasting. To do so, they must maximize the efficiency and capacity of their infrastructure. Harmonic's solutions allow broadcasters to do more with their allocated spectrum and the programming they produce. In addition to multicasting, Hearst-Argyle can increase revenue opportunities through advertising and other paid programming formats, as well as explore new business models, such as delivering video content to PCs and other devices.

For more information, visit www.harmonic.com.

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