Harris showcases H-Class at IBC 2005

Harris will demonstrate the new H-class delivery platform alongside enhancements to current automation products lines
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Harris will be showing the new H-Class content delivery platform at IBC 2005. The platform provides broadcasters and content providers with the means to integrate disparate processes into a single, modular system that handles all television content management and delivery from creation to consumption.

Harris will also demonstrate the integration of its H-Class Intelligent Transport application with the Invenio digital media asset management application. H-Class Intelligent Transport enables the delivery of digital rich media to devices such as set-top boxes and mobile devices.

New features and functionality to Vision Global will be announced. Vision Global is a product suite that integrates the current media sales, scheduling, and digital asset management tools to bring a new level of functionality on the road to the H-class platform.

Harris will show a complete suite of automation and ingest solutions, including significant enhancements to existing automation products and Harris' H-Class playout/automation solution, the Broadcast Presentation Manager. The ADC-100, D-Series and H-Class playout/automation systems will be complemented with an integrated Media Ingest Product Suite based on Harris' H-Class content delivery platform.

On the Digital Asset Management (DAM) front, Harris will offer a complete range of solutions, including Arkemedia and Invenio. Arkemedia supports the management of digital media assets in virtually any media enterprise. Invenio provides DAM functionality integrated with the ADC and D-Series automation systems, or on a standalone basis.

For more information, visit www.broadcast.harris.com.

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