Harris D-Series compliant with H-Class

Harris announced an enhanced D-Series Playout Automation solution that interfaces with the H-Class Content Delivery Platform for more efficient workflow in multichannel environments. New features include the dynamic exchange of playlist and as-run data. This new feature allows traffic managers to protect revenue by reacting to last-minute schedule changes made in master control. It also inserts "make good" spots on the day of air instead of losing future airtime sales.

The enhanced solution also includes native interfaces with the H-Class Platform, which provide existing and new D-Series customers with tighter integration to other H-Class applications, such as scheduling, media ingest and digital asset management.

Integration with the H-Class Content Delivery Platform introduces the proven reliability and scalability (up to 1000 channels) of the D-Series solution to other enterprise-scale H-Class Platform clients, making it possible for these businesses to consider new revenue models as they enter the multichannel, multi-service world of digital television.

Designed as a mission-critical automation solution for direct-to-home (DTH) satellite delivery services platforms, cable MSOs and global and national commercial TV networks, the Harris D-Series automation solution emphasizes workflow efficiency. With complete scalability and redundancy, the D-Series allows stations to manage complex, multichannel operations while employing a small number of staff. In addition, D-Series customers can reconfigure and upgrade their systems while remaining on-air.

For more information, visit www.harris.com.