Harris announces upgrades for Videotek T&M line

Harris has announced the availability of several upgrades to its Videotek TVM and VTM series multiformat test and measurement instruments.

The added functions, which include multiple picture thumbnails, expanded video metadata and low ambient light operation mode, will be available as standard features in several models at no additional charge.

The multiple picture thumbnails feature, available in the Videotek TVM-950, TVM-950-E, TVM-850, TVM-850-E and the VTM series, adds convenience as it enables picture-presence monitoring via a picture thumbnail. A picture thumbnail can be placed in proximity to any of the instruments' function displays for any of the available inputs. This function has particular value in applications where multiple signals are constantly monitored.

The new, expanded video metadata function is scheduled for availability in all Videotek TVM-900 series and TVM-800 series instruments, as well as the VTM Series. This enhancement extends the video metadata functions of the Videotek test and measurement instruments to include all of the most common methods for aspect ratio signaling, such as Video Index Class 1, currently used both by broadcasters and in consumer electronics.

Low ambient light operation mode has been added for all Videotek TVM-900 series, TVM-800 series and VTM series.

For more information, visit www.harris.com.