Great Festival Hall in Austria upgraded with Studer Vista 5 console

The Grosses Festspielhaus (Great Festival Hall), home to the famed Salzburg Festival, has revamped its main audio system for the first time in two decades. The upgraded system includes a completely redesigned control room featuring a Studer Vista 5 digital console, chosen for its optimum recording capabilities.

The control room of this nearly century-old venue is small and oddly shaped, making the compact, lightweight Vista 5 an ideal choice. The console is rigged to be mobile and can be easily disconnected, reconnected and transported to areas beyond the hall for outdoor performances.

The console is installed on a raised platform that provides the sound engineer and director a direct view of the stage and orchestra pit. Mobile Studer D21m stage boxes are located under the platform and interface, along with multicore cables connecting the existing audio house cable. The determined parameters for each show are stored using a BSS London BLU-100 and can be recalled from the mixing surface immediately.

The 2011 Salzburg Festival begins July 27.