Globecast opens playout center in London for DTH operators

Globecast, a supplier of transmission services to direct-to-home satellite broadcasters, launched an 11-channel playout system to provide for a wider portfolio of clients this past February. The playout center is based in Grays Inn Road, London, also home to Independent Television News (ITN). The service is aimed at operators that use the Sky platform. Current clients include Poker TV, Dolphin TV and Horse & Country TV. Globecast is opening similar centers in Florida and Singapore.

Globecast used its engineering team for the systems integration, and completed the project in less than six months from inception. The multichannel playout system is based around automation and media management from Pharos, using Playtime to control playout and Mediator for content management. Miranda master control and branding provides the video processing and Omneon Spectrum video servers are used in a fully redundant architecture, backed with an HP SAN for nearline storage. Ingest can be from conventional videotape or from media files. The IdeasUnlimited ContentProbe system is used for compliance recording.

The system design allows a flexible approach to client requirements, especially in areas like graphics and branding where a specific vendor may have a preferred solution. Globecast also offers channel management and scheduling if needed, along with tailored workflow analysis.

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