GeminiLSV acquires Hitachi cameras

Dallas-based equipment rental and production company Gemini Light, Sound, Video (GeminiLSV) recently acquired three new HitachiZ-HD5000 HDTV studio/field production cameras.

GeminiLSV is best known for its stage lighting, sound services and equipment rental business. The company recently purchased the three new Hitachi HDTV cameras in an effort to expand and strengthen its video production business. In the first three months since the Hitachi cameras were delivered, GeminiLSV has provided HD video on location for a wide range of corporate events, including conferences and expos, where big-screen HDTV digital projection, LED video walls and other video displays play a prominent role. GeminiLSV camera operators use the Hitachi Z HD5000s on tripods, on a jib or on the shoulder, depending on the production’s needs.

The most attractive selling point of the cameras for GeminiLSV was the cost-efficiency and ability to use digital optical fiber cable for transmission. In addition, the Hitachi Z HD5000 features three high-sensitivity, high-resolution, low-noise 2/3in IT CCDs in a lightweight two-piece dockable camera body. It produces F10 standard sensitivity, 58dB HDTV signal to noise ratio, and 14-bit analog to digital conversion, using high-performance Hitachi DSPs.

GeminiLSV’s Hitachi Z-HD5000 camera package also included three Hitachi CU-HD500 camera control units, an RU-1000VR control panel for remote camera set-up, digital optical fiber camera adapters and Fujinon 25X HD lenses.