GC Pro to distribute Euphonix controller

Guitar Center’s GC Pro division has finalized an agreement with Euphonix to distribute the company’s Euphonix MC media application controller. The controller will be demoed and displayed at several Guitar Center retail locations, and marketed through a U.S. tour of a Euphonix ‘Break Free’ mobile demo truck.

The MC is designed to provide network control of any application on multiple workstations via a fast Ethernet connection. The unit contains a high-resolution touch screen, four moving faders, nine touch sensitive knobs, 56 SmartSwitches, jog wheel, keyboard and trackball. It also includes a professional grade surround sound monitor application, controllable via the MC’s control surface. Its SmartSwitches can be programmed to transmit keystroke commands, and are designed with custom name and graphic icon designation. Mackie Control and HUI emulation modes are supported for seamless integration with ProTools, Logic Pro, Digital Performer and Final Cut, and EuCon Ethernet control protocol support is offered for integration with Steinberg’s Nuendo and Merging Technologies’ Pyramix.

For more information, visit www.gcpro.com and www.euphonix.com.

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