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Front Porch launches DIVAnet multi-site archive

Front Porch Digital announced the launch of DIVAnet 2.0, an extension of the distributed architecture of the DIVArchive technology. DIVAnet allows global media companies to network an unlimited number of separate DIVArchive installations and achieve automatic content-replication, disaster-recovery and business-continuance functionality between all connected sites, regardless of worldwide location.

Networked storage and broadcast facilities equipped with linked DIVArchive systems installed on either end via the DIVAnet solution can manage ongoing and automated duplication of assets stored in the main library. DIVAnet can also be used to connect multiple installations of Front Porch Digital’s DIVAworks. In either case, DIVAnet 2.0 intelligently replicates content between facilities and provides a fundamental toolset for advanced content-lifecycle control for effective multi-site archive management.

DIVAnet facilitates fast and inexpensive content exchange for everyday operations across a distributed and redundant content-archive system to deliver full disaster-recovery capability. Based on configurable polices, DIVAnet ensures that two or more different facilities share identical media libraries and also provides the means for one facility — equipped with the requisite playout infrastructure — to duplicate and take over the other facility’s program transmission in the event of failure, natural disaster or other catastrophe.

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