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Fractal Antenna Systems' Patent Expands Invisibility Cloak & Metamaterial Scope

Fractal Antenna Systems has announced that it has received a second patent notice of allowance on invisibility cloaks. Upon issuance, the new patent will secure rights on methods to make cloaks, fractal resonator (metamaterial) systems, and cloaks of different shapes, among other claims.

Fractal Antenna Systems provided no other technical details on the new patent, only saying it builds on its awarded patent 8,253,639 and will “further expand the firm’s pioneering and proprietary position in the emerging and fascinating world of making things disappear.”

CEO Nathan Cohen, noting that the firm has continued its “years ahead” development on cloaking technology and fractal metamaterials, published its results, and has given demonstrations to thousands at engineering meetings and conferences, said, “There is a lot more ahead on the invisibility cloak front. And as usual, seeing, or rather not seeing at all, is believing.”

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