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FOX selects Pixelmetrix Preventive Monitoring

Pixelmetrix announced the recent installation and commissioning of its DVStation ATSC/digital television monitoring platform for the 35 FOX owned-and-operated television stations throughout the United States.

Each station received a DVStation system configured for both off air RF/8-VSB and SMPTE310/MPEG-2 transport stream analysis and monitoring. Stations in duopoly markets received four-port DVStations, so both markets/stations could be monitored simultaneously.

The DVStation family of products is used for test and measurement as well as real-time monitoring. DVStation can monitor a signal path from encoding to multiplexing to modulation. Hundreds of configurations are possible using various line interface modules such as 8-VSB, QAM, QPSK, DC-II, ATM/OC-3, ASI, SMPTE-310 and IP.

The DVStation family is available as a portable POD module, a four-module DVStation-Remote, and the DVS-210 DVStation with a built-in touch screen LCD.

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