Eyeheight launches Playout Application Suite

Software application integrates control of Eyeheight master control products
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Eyeheight Playout Application Suite showing system configuration display.

Eyeheight's new Playout Application Suite software enables its playout Master Control switcher, bugEyes logo generator and SQ-2E image-squeeze processor to be configured and managed from a standard PC.

Playout Application Suite will be issued on CD with all new Eyeheight playout Master Control switchers and is compatible with existing models.

Eyeheight's playout Master Control switcher provides mix/wipe, keyer, audio/voice-over, internal cross-point, logo-store and squeezeback. The bugEyes channel-branding module is compact with up to six accommodated in a 1U chassis. Each bugEyes module can store up to 64 logos prepared from industry-standard TARGA files. The SQ-2E is a dual-input squeezeback processor with integrated keying.

For more information, visit www.eyeheight.com.

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