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EdgeCast Networks accelerates Halfbrick's popular game Fruit Ninja

While participating in the Game Developers Conference, EdgeCast Networks and Halfbrick recently announced that Halfbrick's popular Fruit Ninja Frenzy game – now with more than 5 million monthly players – is being accelerated and delivered by EdgeCast.

EdgeCast will be hosting an interactive case study at the company’s GDC Europe booth (#145), where attendees can play the game and win prizes for high scores.

Halfbrick recently extended its Fruit Ninja game to the Facebook platform, and the game quickly went viral.

Response time is critical in online gaming – with even the smallest amount of lag, players will quickly become frustrated and abandon play, having a direct negative impact on game revenue.

“Speed is one of the most important components of the online gaming experience,” said Anthony Citrano, EdgeCast VP of communications and marketing. “We designed our network with low-latency applications such as gaming in mind, so it’s particularly exciting to know that our network is playing a part in supporting Halfbrick’s incredible success.”