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DNF Controls enhances clip playout with NEXIO server

DNF Controls’ 2044CL Instant Access Clip System and Flex Control Network Ethernet-based machine control system now support the Harris NEXIO XS video server system. When used together, DNF Controls' controllers and the NEXIO XS server provide fast, easy, reliable and repeatable playout control within the broadcast production environment.

The 2044CL gives the user 30 powerful buttons on the DNF Controls Shotbox for instant access to as many as 300 single clips or multiclip combinations on the NEXIO system. The Shotbox buttons allow the user to merge prerecorded material with live production, use monitor walls and other display systems and load and play news segments, graphics, animations, highlights and promos. A capture feature allows clip ingest from a source VTR into the NEXIO XS server.

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