DK-Technologies offers education in audio metering

DK-Technologies, the Danish manufacturer of multichannel audio meters for broadcast, has announced the availability of “Audio Levels and Readings,” a new booklet written by independent audio consultant and AES member Eddy Bøgh Brixen. The booklet is supplied free to everyone who purchases an audio meter from DK-Technologies, and is also available as a download from the company’s Web site.

Designed to offer engineers a basic insight into the world of audio levels and metering, the guide includes topics ranging from basic terms and definitions through more complex issues such as loudness, A-weighting and how analogue levels relate to digital scales. Written in an understandable style, the booklet is recommended as a quick reference for those who want to brush up on their audio metering knowledge. Engineers who want to take the subject further can do so by purchasing Eddy Bøgh Brixen’s audio metering book, which is also available via the DK-Technologies Web site.

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