Digital Audio Denmark gains U.S. distribution deal

Digital Audio Denmark (DAD) has become the latest high-end manufacturer to join the pro audio industry's only manufacturer direct outlet, Las Vegas Pro Audio, for U.S. distribution. The new AX24 modular audio converter system from DAD is capable of accurate signal representation with 24-bit depth and sample rates ranging from 44.1kHz to 384kHz, DXD and DSD. Special features, such as optional internal mic preamps, on screen integration with a Pro Tools DAW and remote control from a high-end console via DAD software, make this a unique digital solution.

Evolving sample rates call for a platform that evolves to match, with an upgrade path to maintain state-of-the-art performance over longer periods of time. As higher sample rates, such as DXD, gain support during the upcoming years, changes to the digital/analog bridge are a necessity. In the DAD AX24, upgrades and output type changes are a simple "end user" external plug-and-play module change. A DAD AX24 system can be upgraded from/to a maximum sample rate at 48k, 96k, 192 to ProTools, 384k or DXD with the same hardware.

Las Vegas Pro Audio, the direct-sell division of TransAudio Group, is the exclusive U.S. source for Alta Moda signal processors, ATC studio monitors, Digital Audio Denmark AD/DA converters, Daking electronics, Enhanced Audio mic mounts, Pauly Superscreen pop-filters and SoundField surround-sound microphone systems and software.