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Detroit Tigers turn to Integrated Microwave Technologies

The Detroit Tigers turned to Integrated Microwave Technologies' (IMT) Nucomm CamPac2 (CP2) wireless camera-mounted transmitter and Newscaster DR2 diversity receiver to provide the 41,000-plus fans at Comerica Park with unprecedented RF coverage for all 82 home games this season.

By eliminating the need for wired cameras in typical fan-cam operations, IMT’s Nucomm CP2 wireless camera systems make setup and operations easier in ballparks. They also give stadium game-day coordinators the ability to provide a better in-game fan experience, and help obtain a different perspective on the field and in the stands.

The wireless fan-cam systems are especially important for game presentations and in-game entertainment, and are employed for everything from pre-game concerts and coverage of the national anthem to sponsored contests and fan appreciation during inning breaks.

IMT’s Nucomm CP2 is a tri-band capable unit that operates in the unlicensed 5.8GHz band, as well as the licensed 6.4GHz and 7.1GHz bands without the need for any hardware changes. It is compact and simple to use, yet sophisticated enough to handle a wide range of applications, including ENG, portable camera mounting for sports production, helicopter and UAV links, as well as portable, mobile video and data links.

The Newscaster DR2 diversity receiver is an updated model of its industry-leading predecessor, the Newscaster DR, and offers new features including “intelligent” block down converters, which actually communicate to the DR2 receiver, to control various operating modes. By using the ability to block down convert the received high-frequency signals to UHF band signals in the 150MHz to 850MHz range, the DR2 now has the ability to remotely extend its antennas to 1000ft (using Belden 1694A cable), complete with DC power from the receiver, as well as other versatile modes of operation.